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League urges actions against SB353

Lisa Dick | Published on 4/14/2021

The League of Women Voters of Hamilton County would like to alert residents to a bill in the General Assembly that would limit the voting process. 

Specifically, this bill, SB 353:

  1. Prohibits the Indiana election commission from: instituting, increasing, or expanding vote by mail or absentee vote by mail; and changing the time, place, or manner of holding an election. This language limits the commission's ability to serve and protect Indiana voters' rights. 

  2. Requires an applicant for an absentee ballot application to include the driver's license number or last four digits of the individual's Social Security number.  Current processes already preclude an unregistered voter from receiving an absentee ballot. The bill adds unwarranted steps to the absentee ballot application, complicating the work of county clerks, increasing chances for error, and potentially violating the Voting Rights Act. It adds nothing to election security or integrity. 

  3. Prohibits the governor from changing, during a declared disaster emergency, the time, place, or manner of holding an election, including instituting, increasing, or expanding vote by mail or absentee vote by mail. Such restriction will create unnecessary hardships for voters in times of crisis and serve to disenfranchise voters. 

Voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.  This long-standing league position is based on study and consensus within our organization over a century of working for voting rights for all Americans.  

Please let your state representatives and senators know how you feel about this bill. To find their contact info, visit  the General Assembly website to search by your street address to see who represents your area.